Friday, November 9, 2012

Manda Centrale Finds

I love Mercato Centrale. But it's just too much of a hassle going there.

That is why I was so happy when the organizers decided to put up Manda Centrale in Greenfield District, EDSA Central, which is just a 5-minute walk from where I live.

The food choices are much fewer compared to Mercato but it offers more variety compared to what I believe is the dying Banchetto.

You can see the usual Mercato finds like Manang's Chicken, B. Wings, Edgy's Foodtrip, Skew-U, a couple of pastry stalls and a gelato stall which I failed to get the name of.

Anyway, last night, my partner and I went there for dinner.

First up is Moshi-Moshi's Takoyaki. They have a stand-alone store in Katipunan, which I promise I will visit soon.

Moshi-Moshi Takoyaki (Php 55 / 6 pcs.)

My favorite takoyaki is from Musashi Takoyaki in Mall of Asia, but I seldomly go there nowadays. Samurai's takoyaki balls are also good and much more accessible, the store being present in most SM Supermarket food strips.

Moshi-Moshi's Takoyaki are just the right size, a bit smaller compared to Musashi's but definitely bigger that Samurai's. Inside each ball is a real piece of octopus, not like those other stalls which offers takoyaki balls filled with cabbage. They are also generous with the tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo on top, which I loved. They also put bonito flakes on top, just like in Musashi.

It took them around ten minutes to cook my order because they were just a hit that night.

Gino's Brick-Oven Pizza (Php 55 / slice)

Another find in Manda Centrale is Gino's Brick-Oven Pizza, which also has a stand-alone store in Katipunan (Oh that place is Foodie Heaven).

It's basically hand-tossed, thin crust pizza with tomato and cheese toppings. I wasn't able to get the name of their pizza but they just offered 1 flavor.

I found the cheese too overpowering. It was okay. My partner liked it but I felt like it needed a little more crust to balance out the flavors.

I'm just so happy that there is now a night food market near our place and I hope it clicks so that it stays there FOREVER. Haha.

Greenfield Mayflower Parking,
United Street, Mandaluyong City
(near EDSA Central)
Open during Wed-Thurs-Fri
          from   6:00 PM - 2:00 AM